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Choral Music Education Program

Music Across the Years

In 2022 and 2023, BARC received two grants totaling $75,000 from Chorus America, a non-profit advocacy group supporting choral music education across the country.  BARC’s program - Music Across the Years - provides opportunities for intergenerational group singing to families in Mercer Count using choral music to bring together students with parents, grandparents, guardians, and caregivers.

This program is a partnership between Mercer County public schools and BARC.

BARC and Mercer County schools have a strong relationship, working together to deliver Lessons in Film Education, the film-based educational tool developed by the non-profit. 

 Music Across the Years builds on this existing and successful partnership.  Students participating in the program have come from Athens, Bluefield Primary, Bluefield Intermediate, Lashmeet Matoaka, Oakvale Elementary, and Spanishburg schools.  

BARC's Music Across the Years program was recognized nationally with BARC's executive director, a speaker at Chorus America's 2023 national conference. 

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